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A plug-in for Google Desktop Sidebar that can control both Winamp and iTunes
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gdTunes is a plug-in for the Google Desktop Sidebar. By using it, you will add a tool to the sidebar that will allow you to control both WinAmp and iTunes music players. Of course, you will need to have Google Desktop Sidebar and at least one of the players to be able to use this plug-in.

Once installed, gdTunes will occupy the upper portion of the sidebar, right over the clock. If you hover the mouse over that new white square, you will see three buttons on the upper right corner. The first one will toggle on and off the expanded view of the plug-in. The second one will open the menu, where you can decide which one of the two players you want to control, the settings for the plug-in (album art, rating, updates, language...), and an option to collapse or remove gdTunes. The third button will close the application.

Once you have chosen a player to control, you will be able to launch it by clicking on the white square. You will then see a series of tiny buttons to control both players: last song, next song, play, show/hide player, and rate this song.

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  • It is free
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